Why should I enroll in parent-tot classes?

At Oklahoma Swim Academy we encourage parents to get their babies in the water as soon as possible. They may not start private lessons right away, but our parent-tot class is a great start! It introduces the water to babies in a fun and involving way, with the comfort of mom and dad in the water with them. It is also a fun way to bond with your baby!

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What will they learn in parent-tot?

Parent-tot is an introduction to the water for babies. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “They already love bath time, so what is the point in introducing them to the water?” While this may be true, a baby’s reaction to the water can vary. Bath time is a familiar, safe, and a fun environment for them at their home with people they know and trust. Being in a pool in an unfamiliar environment with strange people can be sort of a shock to some babies. We always encourage to try parent-tot classes to see how your baby reacts to the water. 

My baby is fussy during parent-tot, should we stop coming?

On top of parent-tot classes introducing your baby to the water, they also begin learning the essential skills to be safe in the water. They begin to learn the basics of floating, mouth closure, breath control, and submersion. Our goal is to get your baby comfortable and confident in the water. 

It is totally normal for your baby to fuss during parent-tot, so do not feel discouraged! Many babies fuss for the first several lessons, it is not just your baby. They are in a strange environment and are doing things they may not like at the moment, such as putting their ears in the water. They may not like it at first for a multitude of reasons:

1. They may still be deciding whether or not they trust the new environment 

2. They may be more sensitive to water getting in their ears and eyes

3. The “work” we do in the class may feel hard to them

To overcome any of the reasons your baby may be fussing, though, is to keep coming. The more they come to parent-tot the more comfortable they will become. I promise they will learn to love coming to parent-tot, and might even make a couple friends!

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OSA offers Parent-tot classes for children 4-24 mo.

What is the outcome of being in parent-tot classes?

In parent-tot your baby learns to be comfortable in a float, under water, and being with and working with your parent-tot teacher. These are major things for a baby to learn to be successful in private lessons. The goal of parent-tot is to prepare your baby to move to private lessons. Everything they learned in parent-tot, they will take with them to private lessons and begin learning survival skills. Your teacher will let you know when your baby is ready for private lessons, if that is something you want to do. 

The overall outcome, though, is your baby will learn a love for the water while also learning some of the basics of water safety. 

You can learn more about Oklahoma Swim Academy’s Parent-Tot Program by clicking on the video below.

Written by Meagan Rose, Oklahoma Swim Academy Instructor