OSA Swim Team is a pre-competitive program focused on nurturing your child’s strengths and areas for development in a supportive environment. Weekly team practices include technical skills training, progressive endurance, and core body strengthening, all aimed at fostering confidence and a healthy competitive mindset. Our coaches provide an encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere each week. But you know what the best part is? Team camaraderie!

  • Year-round practices offered 1x or 2x weekly in our indoor warm water pools.
  • Our program is designed for ages 6-16.
  • Swimmers should have the basic knowledge of the four main strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke) and be capable of swimming each stroke the length of the pool. Not sure if your child is ready for swim team? Schedule an assessment with one of our swim team coaches today!
  • Swim Meets and Competitions: OSA Swim Team is a pre-competitive team and does not compete in USA Swimming sanctioned meets at this time. We will host Swim Team Showcases throughout the year to celebrate your child’s hard work and growth alongside friends and family.

Jump into the excitement with Oklahoma Swim Academy’s swim team program! Join us so your child can have a blast in the water, learn from our awesome coaches, and make waves with friends who’ll cheer them on every stroke of the way!

What if my child needs help with technique before joining the swim team? 

Not to worry, private lessons can also be a great place to start for kids wanting to learn swimming techniques that are already water-safe! Our intermediate and advanced stroke development lessons focus on teaching and refining freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly techniques. Led by experienced instructors, these lessons offer personalized instruction for children looking to excel in competitive swimming or enhance their skills.