Carefully Personalized Private Swim Lessons

Every child is different, so why should they be doing the same thing at the same pace as other kids in a class?  We meet every swimmer where they are, factoring in personality, disposition toward water, age, and experience. In our 1-on-1 swim lessons, there are no other swimmers to leave your child behind or hold them back, so every child learns at the exact pace that is best for them!


Unlocking Confidence: Discover What Your Child Will Master

Infant Survival 

Our infant survival program teaches your baby to roll over from a face down or submerged position onto their backs to relax and breathe. This life-saving survival skill is taught by our experienced instructors who will gently introduce your child to the water, build trust, instill confidence & skill. It is a delicate balance to push babies in order to give them the tools to rescue themselves in the case of an aquatic emergency, but drowning prevention is worth the commitment! Many programs turn into splash and playtime, while other baby swim programs push the infant too much – we are the balance!

Swim-Float-Swim Lessons

The swim-float-swim sequence is designed for toddlers and young children and is an extension of our survival program. Have you seen videos of 2 year olds swimming all the way across the pool?! That is the product of swim-float-swim! Children will learn to swim a short distance with their face fully submerged, roll onto their back to rest whenever they need to breathe, then to flip back onto their stomach and continue to swim to safety. We understand every child is different, so we tailor each lesson to your child’s abilities. The swim-float-swim sequence serves as the foundation for future stroke development and is imperative for water safety!

  • Class Duration: 15 minutes (Our approach emphasizes shorter, frequent lessons to boost confidence and skill development, which is why OSA students progress in weeks, not years.)
  • Instructor-to-Student Ratio: 1 to 1
  • Cost: See our pricing page

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