At OSA, our mission is centered around teaching survival swim techniques while fostering a love of swimming. While our tailored 1-on-1 sessions are instrumental in rapidly developing crucial survival skills for beginners, we also recognize the unique advantages that group classes offer once a child knows how to swim and survive in the water. Group classes further enhance your child’s swimming journey after mastering swim-float-swim in private lessons.

Benefits of Group Lessons at Oklahoma Swim Academy

  • Social Swimming
    • Since our students initially learn to swim and survive in a private lesson setting, participating in group classes helps them transition to swimming with peers, like they would at the local pool.
  • Navigating Real-World Pool Scenarios
    • Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, students not only go beyond the mastery of survival skills, but gain exposure to typical pool situations. This experience builds their confidence and resilience in real-world swimming situations, enhancing safety awareness in various aquatic environments.
  • Continued Safety Focus
    • Safety remains paramount in our group classes. Through ongoing guidance and supervision, we ensure that children maintain and expand upon their safety skills, fostering a lifelong commitment to water safety and drowning prevention.
  • Stretching Abilities and Making Friends
    • Group classes provide an avenue for children to stretch their survival swim abilities and learn new skills while forming meaningful connections with peers. Positive peer pressure encourages growth and perseverance, propelling each child towards their full aquatic potential.
  • Expanding Opportunities for Learn-to-Swim Students
    • By incorporating group classes into our curriculum, we not only enrich the swimming experience for proficient swimmers but also create more openings for beginners in our “learn-to-swim” program. This inclusive approach ensures that every child, regardless of their current swimming proficiency, receives the attention and resources they need to thrive in the water.

Join us at OSA to experience the benefits of group classes and empower your child in and out of the water.

Swim-Float-Swim Group Class

This class caters to students skilled in our Swim-Float-Swim technique, helping them to confidently swim across the pool width. In addition, they’ll explore social swimming, pool safety, and self-reliance in a fun group environment.

Strokes and Floats Group Class

This intermediate swim class builds upon existing skills by transitioning from the Swim-Float-Swim technique to learning proper backstroke and freestyle. Through structured drills, students refine techniques and expand their skill set in a supportive environment. Additionally, this class serves as an ideal option for children aspiring to join the swim team in the future.