Are you passionate about water safety and eager to make a difference in children’s lives? Join the ranks of dedicated instructors making waves in their communities and in the field of survival swim instruction with our comprehensive certification course.

Under the leadership of Megan Bachman, a distinguished Instructor Trainer at the Survival Swim Development Network (SSDN), our program goes beyond the basics. Through 6 immersive weeks of hands-on instruction, complemented by comprehensive study and evaluation in survival instruction techniques, anatomy, child development, and behavioral psychology, you’ll gain the expertise needed to empower children in the water safely and effectively.

But That’s Not All…

Our curriculum extends beyond the poolside, offering you the opportunity to gain essential business strategies to thrive in your own swim instruction venture. From crafting a solid business plan to mastering marketing techniques and pricing structures, we provide you with the tools to prepare for success beyond the certification.

What sets us apart? At SSDN, we prioritize a gentle, child-centered approach that’s not just our philosophy, but a shared commitment within our community of like-minded instructors. This collective dedication ensures that every child receives the highest standard of instruction in a nurturing environment.

Furthermore, our commitment doesn’t end with the completion of your training. Megan remains available as a dedicated mentor, guiding you as you embark on your new career path.

Ready to dive in? Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in survival swim instruction. For more information or to arrange your certification, reach out to Megan at

Don’t Just Teach Swimming – Transform Lives With the Survival Swim Development Network

As a member of the SSDN, you will be a part of the only non-profit organization in the industry. An SSDN certification provides you with the highest level of personalized training and support, while also giving you the ability to run your business in your own way.

Training & Membership Details

  • Minimum of 20 in water training days with over 100 hours of instruction.
  • 6-week hands-on training with a variety of ages and abilities of young children.
  • Training Cost is $11,500- (other certifications are $12,000 plus and have additional fees for updates or in-water retraining).
  • Annual membership dues are $200 – There are no other required fees beyond training. 
  • Access to Instructor Trainer Team with over 100 years of combined teaching experience. 
  • A personal listing on the website with a link to your marketing.
  • Ongoing education, conferences, and mentorship for your business.
  • Ongoing instructor support through our closed Facebook group.

The SSDN Difference

  • We are a gentle approach organization that balances survival swimming skills with a lifelong love of water in all of our students.
  • Our methodology is child-centered and is positive reinforcement driven in order to promote happy, confident, and capable swimmers.
  • We read each child and tailor each lesson to their individual needs.
  • Our unique curriculum was designed with contributions from many different fields of study including anatomy, physiology, child development, and behaviorism as it relates to the young child and swimming. 
  • We are a nonprofit organization-we exist with and for all of the members of our network.
  • Multiple options of Instructor Trainers and training timelines to choose from. 
  • Our training process is results oriented and promotes critical thinking.
  • Longer lessons allow time for nurturing and bonding with your students.
  • No governing body imposing registration or recertification fees on you or your students.
  • Independently own and operate your business in any manner you choose.