Why We Teach

Our passion for swim lessons stems from our conviction that they are a lifelong gift that helps prevent drowning, build character, and provide opportunities for achievement. Our instructors find joy in helping a child overcome fear, watching their confidence grow after floating for the first time, or seeing a small toddler swimming across the pool while a proud parent watches. We believe every person should be given these opportunities. At the most basic level of why, it is the silly grins on a child’s face and their belief in themselves at the end of a successful lesson that makes this career rewarding and keeps us inspired to serve.

Who We Are

Have you ever gone somewhere and immediately felt like a face in the crowd?  From the first time you are greeted by one of our instructors, you will sense the unique atmosphere of our swim lessons.  Scanning the water from our poolside stands, it is evident that real progress is occurring in a fun and safe environment.  In one part of the pool, you may see a baby learning to float for the first time, in another area a toddler might be working on the swim-float-swim method, and across the pool you might see kids perfecting the butterfly stroke.  You will be part of our growing family in which every member is valued and given excellent swim lessons.

Oklahoma Swim Academy is local and family owned, dedicated to teaching all ages a love for safe swimming!  Our instructors build relationships with our students that create an atmosphere of trust to promote learning.  We specialize in one-on-one, private swim lessons that balance pushing each student toward their goals while having fun.  A Team Member is available at each swim lesson to speak with you about what we are working on and how we are progressing.  We recognize every developmental stage is different and tailor our goals individually; from survival swimming to stroke development, we build safe swimmers!

Our team recognizes the significance of instilling confidence in every swimmer along with skill-building.  A hesitant baby who is given survival skills, but made more fearful of water was not helped in our eyes.  A headstrong toddler that runs to water only being shown how to splash and play, but given no water safety skills is even worse.  No student is a number; from personality to past experiences, to what motivates them, every swimmer is unique and we use every child’s story as a platform for their success!

Where We Teach

We offer top quality swim lessons to Oklahoma City, Edmond, and the surrounding areas.  We provide year-round, indoor, warm water pools (90 degrees).

Where We Came From

After teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding in the summers for years, Megan Bachman had her first encounter with an infant swim lesson. A proactive parent requested swim lessons for her 18-month old and Megan quickly realized she would need more training to teach this child survival skills. After much prayer and research, Megan journeyed to Utah in the Summer of 2010 for an intensive training program of over a hundred hours. She holds a certification through the Survival Swim Development Network. Out of her love for babies and swimming, Oklahoma Swim Academy was born. Private swim lessons were taught out of backyard and hotel pools in the early years, all while maintaining a full-time job. Megan soon grew her business to include her husband, Brian as a co-owner and her mom, LeAnne, as her most experienced instructor. Today, Megan and Brian employ over 60 people and feel beyond blessed to be able to serve more families in their community!

Our Motto: Swim With Purpose

At the heart of Oklahoma Swim Academy are individuals committed to making a positive impact in their community. This commitment led us to create the motto ‘Swim with Purpose,’ which has become our guiding principle. We are a survival swim school that goes beyond the typical splash-and-play approach to ensure that every child gains essential, life-saving skills in a nurturing environment. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. ‘Swim with Purpose’ embodies our commitment to contribute to a higher purpose. As part of our community-driven philosophy, 10% of our profits are reinvested into various non-profits and individuals in need, making joining our swim family not just about learning to swim, but also about making a meaningful impact.