Lesson Format
1 Lesson Per Week
(Practice & Skill Retention)
2 Lessons Per Week
(Learning & Skill Building)
15 Minute Private Lessons
(recommended for beginners)
(Beginners must start with 2 lessons)
30 Minute Private Lessons
(Beginners must start with 2 lessons)
30 Minute Group Class
(not designed for beginners)
(Group eligibility with instructor recommendation)
30 Minute Parent-Tot Group Class
40 Minute Water Cardio Group Class
$42 per month
(or $10.50 per individual class)
45 Minute Swim Team Group Class
(Group eligibility with instructor recommendation)

*Prices are based on 4 lessons per month, charges will be prorated if less than 4 lessons are received due to beginning or ending (with 30 days notice) mid-month.

*Group Classes (require instructor recommendation) are for maintenance only and are not designed for beginner students.

*Semi-Private Lessons (require instructor recommendation). Are available as a maintenance option and are designed for siblings or friends that are the *same swim level*.

*$40 Annual Registration Fee.

(3-4 private lessons per week)

Recommended for 2 years and younger in private lessons and all young, beginner swimmers working to overcome a fear of water.  These students start with 3 to 4 lessons per week for 4 weeks before phasing down to 2 lessons per week. Costs are $420 monthly for 3 lessons per week and $560 monthly for 4 lessons per week for 15 minute private swim lessons.  Instructor recommendations are tailored to each child, some children may receive recommendations to reduce or promote to group classes at different increments.  Parents are welcome to communicate about phasing down schedule, especially when requesting 1 lesson per week.