Dive into the joys of swimming with your little one in our Parent-Tot classes, specially crafted for infants aged 6 to 28 months! At Oklahoma Swim Academy, we understand the importance of early water introduction and safety. That’s why our Parent-Tot classes offer a gentle and enjoyable approach to swimming fundamentals.

Partnered with our experienced instructors, parents or caretakers actively participate in guiding their babies through essential skills like floating, submersion, mouth closure, and breath control. Our classes are designed to move at a comfortable pace, ensuring a positive and engaging experience for both baby and caregiver.

Join our intimate classes with up to 6 students per session, where you’ll bond with your little one and other parents in a supportive environment. Give your baby the gift of water confidence and safety while creating cherished memories together. Enroll in our Parent-Tot classes at Oklahoma Swim Academy today!

  • Class Duration: 30 minutes
  • Instructor-to-Student Ratio: 1 to 6 (Parents with Children)
  • Additional Information: Parents or caregivers actively participate in the water activities alongside their babies.
  • Cost: See our pricing page