Are you helping or hurting your child by teaching them to blow bubbles in bath time?

Many swim schools teach their babies to blow bubbles as an early skill to help develop breath control.  It makes sense, right?   If they are blowing air out, they can’t be taking water in.  Of course, we must help our youngsters learn how to not take in water as they go under water, but is this the best way?

Our swim school has a Parent-Tot Program (our version of Mommy and Me or Water Babies programs) that teaches babies to hold their breath, but we do so in a way that helps them retain air in their lungs.  The problem with blowing bubbles is that kids tend to blow bubbles until they are out of breath, and if they are out air when they are under water, this reduces their chances of survival in cases of emergency. Our swim class helps them learn to hold their breath in, which helps their ability to float if they were to fall in the pool unexpectedly.

This is one of many tools for water safety, and even if you are using another swim school or swim instructor that teaches it differently, if they are reputable and experienced they are likely giving your child other tools to become water safe.  We believe the methods we use to teach breath control are the best practices of our industry, and there is a reason behind everything we do in our swim lessons.

Our desire is for all Oklahomans to become more aware of water safety. While we love serving our growing family, it is our wish that every child would have exposure to early swim lessons.  So whether you choose to join Oklahoma Swim Academy, or get lessons at your local YMCA, please make the commitment to prioritize water safety for your family this year!