Our experiences tell a story about each of us.  Every person and organization have defining moments that form their future for years to come.  From the day in and day out conversations we have had with all of you through the years, to the big moments like expanding into new pools and adding new key members to our team; all those experiences have given us an identity.  We have grown deeply passionate about drowning prevention and character building through the years, we have become deeply connected through your children’s smiles, and we are now deeply determined to do these things even better for years to come.  We are Oklahoma Swim Academy and our identity is serving families in the Edmond and OKC communities.

To paraphrase a quote from Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, we are in the people business, not just the swim lesson business.  People and relationships are why we exist and why we put forth the extra time and effort to make sure every swim instructor we add to our team is lifeguard and CPR certified and has been through a long, intensive training period. From helping infants learn to rescue themselves to helping high school students refine technique to helping adults learn to swim, we teach all ages a love for safe swimming.

There have been so many families that have been such a vital part of putting us in a position to grow and serve a wider audience through referrals and spreading the word about our brand and the quality of swim lessons we offer. We are forever grateful for those gestures of kindness and it is these types of relationships that are the foundation of who we are.  Thank you for allowing us to serve your families through the years and for your continued support as we grow.  May the gift of lifelong swimming and the peace of mind knowing your family is safer around water be an ongoing blessing to each of you.