How has Covid-19 impacted your life?  Has it changed how and for which items you shop?  Has it impacted the places you go and the people you see?  Maybe there has been a more direct impact in your life?

Out of an abundance of precaution, we know that it has now affected your and your child’s schedule for swim lessons.  Know that this was not an easy decision, but rather well thought out.

The heart of what we do requires consistency.  Consistency from us, consistency from your child and even you – in that your child and we ourselves depend on you to help us stay consistent in our work together.

I want to share with you that in this time that we take a break, for the health of everyone, I am still thinking about your kiddos.

I am thinking about what we did in our last lesson, or the last many lessons.  I am thinking about your child’s successes and accomplishments in their swim lessons.  I think about how your child came to me with a need of life saving swim skills to make survival in and around water safe.  My personal goal is not only that your child gain the skills they need, but also confidence in those skills as well as the ability to have fun and enjoy the water.

I am going to miss your kiddos.  I am going to miss each of you.  I am going to miss doing this thing, survival swim lessons, that I love.  However, I know that in the end, this will likely make us miss less time together in the long run, because we are taking a proactive approach to being a part of haulting Covid-19.

I have also, in the short time since the decision was made to take a break, thought about the many ways this will have an impact on your child’s work with me.

I want you to hang on to a positive thought process when you return.  Yes, absence from lesson can bring about regression in many kids, so we look forward to the other side of this when we can get back to our routine and consistency, which is so important for children’s learning.

Please know the following things for when you do return:
• The bond your child has with me, especially if they have not been with me long, will have shifted.
• If your child is a more emotional personality, you may see the emotions return.
• Skills developed may take some reteaching.
• Most importantly, we need your same confidence, patience and support in the work your child and I are doing that you had when this closure began

Know that upon return we will again make progress, and it will happen faster on the things we need to re-establish like bonds, skills, expectations, confidence and tear free lessons.

All said, I hope you see the amount of love and thoughtful consideration that went into the decision to take a break.  It is truly because we care about you, your kid(s), our fellow team members and our community.

I look forward to seeing you and your precious loves (aka “my kiddos”) when we return.  We will pick up where we left off and get the rust off of our previously learned skills, and before you know it we will again be swimming like our mascot, Sammy the Seahorse.

Until we are together again, stay safe and well, and may you use this time to create some special memories like board games played and lunch eaten under a sheet tent built in your family room.

See you soon!

Miss Alicia, OSA Swim Instructor

miss alicia