8 Apps

In the day and age of smartphones and apps, it is hard to ensure your children are using technology in a wholesome way.  We are constantly trying to navigate the flood of new technology, applications, and games. We often hear from other parents or studies that if you let your children play mind-numbing games, they will become addicted and stay inside all day. Luckily, there are plenty of application developers who want to help the busy, modern parents of the world. These games are for everyday use that encourage learning within the arts, sciences, and math!

Here are our 8 great options, including age groups, ratings, and lessons learned:


Counting Caterpillar is a fun counting game for younger children learning to count! This game allows for an active environment filled with sounds, and fun graphics. The premise of the game is to help feed the hungry caterpillar; by feeding them aphids! Collect butterflies and check them out later in the butterfly gallery. (Ages: 2-6)


Math Learning Center is an application that offers 10 free applications that provide visual resources to teach children the fundamentals of math. These several applications allow for a wide variety of learning, allowing students to chose more than one topic to learn. (Ages: 6-13)


Reflex Math is a “adaptive and individualized… is the most effective system for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for grades 2+.” But the best part about their mission statements is research-based studies. (Ages: 6-15)



SpellBoard is an application that gives you more power and involvement to help spell specific words- and in any language! “SpellBoard adds fun activities to your custom spelling lists. Including Word Search, Word Scramble, Alphabetize, Word/Sentence Matching, and Missing Letter puzzles.” (Ages: 6-10)


Alphabet Sounds Learning App is a 2.99$ application that has multiple levels for different learning experiences. “There are FOUR levels of interactive play, based on how children develop in their awareness of letter sounds.” (Ages: 4+)


Duolingo is an application for older students, tweens, or even teenagers. This is an application that develops skills to learn another language or have a stronger foundation in said language. (Ages: 10+)


STEM GAMES (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Truss Me, “utilizes state of the art simulation techniques used by aerospace, mechanical, and civil engineers to provide the most realistic behavior for your trusses. If well designed, your trusses will resist as they would in real life*. If your truss has flaws, the structure will fail realistically*!” (Ages: 6+)


LightBot and LightBot Jr is an interactive coding game that teaches children critical thinking, basic puzzle mechanics, and the fundamentals of coding. There are multiple levels, and the game continues to progress. (Ages: 8+ / Ages for Jr.: 4+)


Written by Lily Arnold, OklahomaSwim.com