Looking for the most bang for your buck?!  Group formats cost less per lesson, but do you save money over the long run?

Private lesson rates are sometimes double the price of group lesson rates, so we certainly understand inclinations toward group classes. Let’s look at the factors that go into this decision and what it looks like over the course of the program.

Group Swim Lesson Considerations


  • Monkey See, Monkey Do – In group classes swimmers have others to watch as examples.
  • Competition – For some, seeing peers accomplish objectives can drive others to push themselves more.
  • Cheaper Rate – On an individual lesson basis the prices are lower.


  • Divided Attention – No matter how great the instructor, 1 pair of eyes can only catch so much when there are several kids swimming at once.
  • Wait Time – Many swim schools overcome the first issue by having each child go through a skill one at a time, so what ends up happening is each swimmer spends more time watching other swimmers than swimming themselves.
  • Pacing – In a learn to swim program, every child is going to pick up skills at a different rate. The problem this creates in a group setting is the instructor must decide whether to spend extra time with the child or children picking things up slowly and ignore the fast learners, or ignore the little ones that are struggling so the class can progress.

Private Swim Lesson Considerations


  • Undivided Attention – Every child receives the 100% of the instructor’s attention and focus.
  • Customization – Every lesson is tailored to the needs of each child; the content and pace of the lesson is adaptive. The instructor can stop and work with a struggling student or blaze through multiple new skills with a fast learner.
  • Encouraging Environment – If a student is a bit shy or unsure of themselves, group swim classes can be daunting. Having no peers to feel compared to can allow them to learn in a friendly environment that promotes growth.


  • Lack of Social Element – The competition and ability to see peers give an example of a skill are not available unless there are other private lessons nearby.
  • No Breaks – Swimming exerts even more energy than running, so for many kids (especially toddlers and infants) private swim lessons longer than 15 minutes without breaks can be overwhelming.
  • Rates – Lessons are more expensive on an individual basis.


When a child is learning to swim, private swim lessons are definitely the way to go.  We receive students from other swim programs regularly who have spent full summers or months on end with little to no progress.  A toddler can learn to Swim-Float-Swim in 20 lessons (15-minute private format) at Oklahoma Swim Academy and can be done in 5 weeks through our Fast Track Program.  We believe so strongly that we save families money over the long run through private lessons that we do not offer group classes for beginners learning to swim (even though swim schools make more money on group classes).  Beginner group swim classes simply do not produce results we can stand by, so we don’t offer them.

Group swim lessons are an excellent route to choose for practicing swim skills, after kiddos have learned to swim.  We offer multiple group class options to help swimmers retain their skills year-round in a more affordable program.  There is a time and a place for both, 1 on 1 swim lessons expedite learning and save money over the long run and group swim classes can be a fun and social way to keep those hard-earned skills at a discount!