While our world seems turned upside down and normalcy seems a thing of the past, it is important to remember that, ‘This too shall pass’.  There are a lot of things outside of our control right now and those things we took for granted only days ago have been set aside for a time.  Our  Read More

Written by: Christina Keifer, Office Manager at Oklahoma Swim Academy Never in a million years did I think someone close to me would experience drowning. I’ve worked in the survival swim business for over 4 years.  “Water Safety Advocate” is basically tattooed on my forehead. Kidding… sort of.  It was just a few weeks ago  Read More

A new toddler at the pool looks about with wide eyes.New sights, new sounds, new people, but why? A teacher stops by and kneels with a smile.Glancing back at the pool, it looks like an ocean to a child. Yet with a soothing voice and steady, gentle handThe child is lead to the water with  Read More