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As Oklahomans, after the long, hot days of summer, we greatly anticipate cooler weather and the changing of seasons.  The heat of summer in our region is relentless, and with kids pent up at home, we become restless in waiting for some of the management of that youthful energy to be transferred back to our dear Educators (gratitude for teachers is never higher than at summer’s end!). 

However, fall seems only to have just arrived before giving way to winter. Somewhere in the changing of seasons, football fervor, and a tug of war between Halloween fans and Christmas fans, there is Thanksgiving.

As life allows Megan and I to see the cycle of seasons each passing year, Thanksgiving grows nearer to our hearts. It is the overlooked holiday to many, sandwiched between two other holidays which, for parents, takes center stage with the excitement of children.

But this year will be different for us.  This year we will pause. We will acknowledge the changing of colors and the falling of leaves. This year, we will slow down – and we will give thanks for all that is Thanksgiving.  

To us, Thanksgiving can be summed up in just one word – gratitude.  The power of gratitude is that it shifts our focus off what is broken, to what is working – from what we wish we had to the people and things that we do have. Expressing gratitude multiplies that power as it actively chooses happiness for ourselves and brings encouragement to the people we care about.

At Oklahoma Swim Academy, there is so much to be grateful for. We are thankful for our Team, which is full of hardworking and dedicated people. We are thankful for our customers, both those we serve today and all of those that allowed us to serve their families over the last 12 years. Lastly we are thankful for our friends and mentors that surround and support us.

The small community of people that walk through our doors is about so much more than swim lessons.  Our mission is to ‘Teach a love of safe swimming to all ages’, and beyond that, we want to make the community around us better. 

We hope you will join us at the pool soon, but more importantly we hope you’ll join us in celebrating Thanksgiving season by spreading gratitude to those around you. Whether it’s short texts throughout the month or just telling one person what their support has meant to you, give the gift of thanks this season. Thank you for all of your support, this year and always.

~The Bachmans