When people think of swim lessons they think of a fun kid’s activity, much like gymnastics, tee ball, or karate. The truth is, swim schools do not specialize in recreation; what we really offer is insurance.  Parents are investing in so much more than splashes and smiles; they are investing in a safeguard that can save their child’s life if something were to go wrong. In spite of parents’ best efforts to always supervise and keep their children safe with fences and gates around pools, kids have a knack for finding themselves in situations in which they should not be.  

Swim lessons provide protection against tragedy, a peace of mind for parents to know that if their child finds themself face to face with an aquatic accident they will have a chance to rescue themselves.  Like car insurance, you get what you pay for with swim lessons. You can find a friend or family member who used to swim back in the day, or a gym or recreational center that does swim lessons on the side.  These options would certainly be the cheapest. The problem with cheap insurance, as well as the problem with cheap swim lessons, is in the result. Your coverage is very limited. For car insurance you will find yourself in accidents that your policy did not account for, the same with water safety.  Some lessons just teach basic water acclimation, others teach children water safety and what to do if they fall into a pool or body of water. Finding the right swim lesson provider that offers the best survival skills to your child is worth the investment.

Learning to swim is an insurance policy that is worth doing the research. Just like you would not sign up for insurance without asking questions, you should do your research on swim lesson providers to find out what their program is about prior to enrolling your child.  A few important questions to ask as you’re doing your homework: What methods do they use? How much training and experience do the instructors have? What does the curriculum include? How fast will your child progress through their skills? One of the most trusted insurance providers tells their customers that they are in good hands; you should find a swim instructor that gives you the same feeling of trust when you put your child in their hands.