Swim Lessons Through A Toddler’s Eyes

A new toddler at the pool looks about with wide eyes.
New sights, new sounds, new people, but why?

A teacher stops by and kneels with a smile.
Glancing back at the pool, it looks like an ocean to a child.

Yet with a soothing voice and steady, gentle hand
The child is lead to the water with a carefully designed plan.

A quick dip with a song, scoops and kicks for a bit
“What are these new things, and when can I quit?”

“I’m not sure I like them, I don’t think I do.
Maybe shedding some tears will let me be through.”

But the teacher encourages and smiles all the more
Softly teaching the lesson, knowing what it’s all for.

Soon it is over; “What was that?” thinks the child.
The teacher waves goodbye with one more parting smile.

“Good!”, thinks the child, “I’m glad that is done!”
But tomorrow the child is back, and it still is not fun.

It takes a few lessons but the toddler starts to think,
“This teacher seems nice, and never lets me sink.”

Soon a bond grows and the child smiles too,
“I can do this!”, they start thinking. Now that the pool is not new.

Proud of themselves, they show off their skills
For a proud, cheering mom, who starts getting chills.

“I can do new things, if I trust my teacher and try.”
As the child gets older, they then learn the “why.”

The “why” is because mom cared; and even though it was hard,
Swim lessons save lives and mom cannot always be lifeguard.

So many ways to be safe around water,
But as important as any is learning to swim as a toddler.