Through a mother’s eyes, as their child cries, the water becomes a wall.

A thought runs through that could be true, what if mine is too small?

Unsure and afraid, with breathing delayed, the parent watches on.

More doubts flow in, as splashing begins, and hope is slowly withdrawn.

But then she notes, as her child floats, the look in the teacher’s eye.

Listening she heard, some soothing words, saying ‘chin towards the sky’.

The look of compassion, while offering distraction; toys to make learning fun.

The lessons go on and soon doubts are gone, the mother’s trust now is won.

Encouraging her child, tears are soon mild, and confidence comes one day.

With careful plans and gentle hands, fears had been washed away.

Before too long, there stood a proud mom, her swimmer now loving the water.

It was hard at first, her child being immersed, but now she’s raising an otter.

Such peace of mind is hard to find, to know your child can swim.

To the mom that stays, and finds a way, to help their child win;

We pause to salute you, for carrying through, for persisting and being wise.

The gift is dear, this conquering of fear; a truly life-changing prize.

You could have stopped, as the tears dropped, but you understood the cost.

Just like in a car, tears don’t go far, when a child tries to be the boss.

Seatbelts save lives, and children may try, to cry their way out of wearing.

But mothers know best, when put to the test, and making the hard choice is caring.

Swim lessons are the same, it’s more than a game, they truly can save lives.

So when you see a mom with a child not calm, know for what she strives.

She’s giving this gift, that her child might live, if there were ever a tragedy.

Encourage these moms, to keep being strong, to protect their family.