We have been keeping a secret.  From the time this business was started, there is one thing that we have held back from our customers.  It is time for you to know the truth…

Not every dollar you have spent at Oklahoma Swim Academy has gone toward swim lessons.  You have been a part of something more than just a swim program.  Something much bigger. Something with purpose.  Our primary objective has always been, and will continue to be, giving life-saving skills to children of all ages through swim lessons.  But, we have held back one of the most rewarding parts of our swim school… until now.

Our Secret

We Love Giving!  

From the time you signed up for your child’s first swim lesson, you have been a vital part of helping people in need all over the OKC metro.  A portion of what you spend with Oklahoma Swim Academy goes beyond having the peace of mind of water safety; 10% of all of our profits to be exact.  This money goes right back into the community through various organizations, as well as through giving directly to people in need.  It’s something we have always been passionate about and have loved to do behind the scenes.  Now, we have decided to share the story with you; a story that you have been a part of all long.

Because of you, the following projects were made possible in 2017:

  • Partnered with Serve More to help an elderly woman make much needed home repairs.  
  • Partnered with Shepherds of Love Ministries to pay medical bills for a local family of 5.
  • Partnered with Shepherds of Love Ministries to pay electric bills for a struggling family.
    • Thanks to Chick-Fil-A at 33rd and Broadway for providing Shepherds of Love giving opportunities as shown in this post’s picture.
  • Partnered with OK Foster Wishes to provide Christmas gifts to foster children.
  • Partnered with Infant Crisis Services to provide food and supplies for infants & toddlers.
  • Paid travel expenses of widowed woman for her to be with family after husband’s passing.
  • Helped sponsor 2 Oklahomans to travel to India and serve children and families.
  • All of our team participated in a “Pay It Forward” to give back to our community.

Many of our team are a part of an organization that strives to “lead the way with irrational generosity”.  We love being a part of opportunities that allow us to live that out every year and are truly grateful to partner with each of you in this adventure of charity and community service.  We love what we do because lives are saved when children learn to swim. We also love being able to give, because it makes the world just a little bit better place than it was before. Life is most rewarding when things are meaningful and we are all blessed to have the opportunity to swim with purpose.