As a child, I was incredibly confident around water. I had no fears, feeling like I was always safe and constantly protected. I had the good fortune of all of my babysitters being lifeguards at the pool. I had complete confidence that they would get me when I jumped into the deep end and would  Read More

It is finally the new year. So, what now? The holidays are over and it seems like a laborious stretch until the next break. After all the stress of the holidays, it is sometimes difficult to picture a whole new year looming ahead of you. We get it. To make the new year seem more  Read More

“15 minutes?!  Your swim lessons are only 15 minutes?!”  This is a reaction that we have heard from a few families new to the Oklahoma Swim Academy program through the years and we wanted to take time to explain the ‘why’ behind it.  We promise the reason behind the shorter format is not to make your drive less worthwhile,  Read More