Before heading to the pool to cool off from the summer heat, take a few minutes to read and share our top 5 Summer Water Safety Tips.

Drowning remains the leading cause of death among children aged 1-4 years. Therefore, educating your family about the importance of water safety is crucial.

Here are 5 essential water safety tips to keep your family safe in and around water this season:

  1. Constant Supervision: Always supervise children around water, regardless of their swimming ability. Moreover, join them in the water to keep them within arm’s reach and create lasting summer memories together.
  2. Teach and Repeat: Educate children about basic water safety rules and discuss them frequently. Ensure they understand to never go near water without an adult, know their safe spots in the pool (on their strong float, pool steps, or the pool side), and always use walking-feet on the pool deck.
  3. Designate a Water Watcher: Assign a responsible adult as the designated water watcher at all times. Oklahoma Swim Academy gives FREE water watcher bracelets to clearly identify who is on duty. In addition, post your home address near the pool and have a phone nearby for emergencies.
  4. Secure the Pool Area: Install pool alarms and fences that are at least 4 feet high and completely surround the pool to prevent unsupervised access.
  5. Enroll in Swim Lessons: Formal swim lessons can reduce drowning risk by 88%! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends starting lessons as early as age 1. Remember, not all swim programs are created equal. Research and select a program that focuses on true survival swim skills.

Enjoy a fun and SAFE summer with your family by practicing these water safe tips!

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